Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mr. Inspiration

On March 23 Cole's friend Landon was given a special Jr. Jazz Sportsmanship Award. Landon first received an award from the Jr. Jazz in our area and then he went on to the state Jr. Jazz awards. Our family was very honored to be invited to go to the ceremony with him. He could invite 10 people after his own family he said he wanted to invite Cole's family. It was an exciting evening. We arrived early and were taken down through the tunnels to be seated in the front rows before everyone else arrived. After the grand entrance of BOOZER and OKUR, Landon was called down and given his special sportsmanship award. We are all so proud of him! He is amazing! there is nothing that Landon won't do. Right now he is running on the track team at South Jr. and he has participated in every meet so far. Landon has a great family that supports him in everything that he wants to participate in. Our family is lucky to to be a part of their world. That support trickles down to our own son Cole, and Cole has been able to participate in many fun activities with Landon.Booze showing off, and I love it!
So does Landon.
Cole and Landon in front of the Jazz Stang. It was a really fun night for the kids (and parents). There were a lot of prizes given away and some of the kids got to go down on the court and play basketball relay games with Carlos & Mehmet.

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Moni said...

I think that Cole is such a wonderful and supporting friend. I am glad that your family was invited to go. Landon is so lucky to have Cole and his bud!